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What do we offer?

Turnkey website

Development of turnkey sites includes: development of an exclusive design project, taking into account all the wishes of the customer, domain registration and hosting, filling the website with information, placing the finished site on the chosen domain name and hosting.

Layout of sites

The layout of web pages includes: creating the structure of html, css, js, php-code, according to the developed layout. We make the site according to your layout and take into account all your wishes. And also adapt it for mobile devices of any size and resolution.

Mobile versions

The mobile version includes: the development of a special design, with the optimization of content and the study of usability. Flexible technologies are applied: mobile structure, mobile images and use of specific functions of devices.

Website Translations

Translations of websites include: translation of permanent texts and dynamic content of the site: news, reviews, descriptions of products, services, etc. We pay special attention to ensuring that the translation retains the integrity of the brand, accurately and fully convey its features.

Types of sites we offer

Landing page

Business card site

Corporate site


Online store

Image site

Personal site

On-line service



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